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Support our Creative Projects for the Iranian Revolution

Big revolutions need big campaigns and inspiring stories. To be the voice for the Iran revolution, we need funds for hiring professional editors, writers, and designers.


With your support we will create two types of video campaigns: first, to help the people of Iran by making more videos for prisoners, and secondly, to increase awareness outside of Iran.


If you believe in the power of media, please support our effort with your donations so we can scale our work and increase our impact.



Reza Bird, Founder

Support our work

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Our Story

We started Next Animal to meet the need for remote video production during the pandemic. After the war in Ukraine began, we became heavily involved and completed successful video campaigns to raise funds for Ukrainian hospitals (one of our videos alone raised 1.5 million dollars). Slowly, our company transformed into a socially-impactful creative agency, addressing issues related to social change and humanity.



The Revolution’s Story

After Mahsa Amini was killed, our team started creating videos to help with the ongoing protests, amplifying the voices of brave Iranians. As soon as we produced our first videos, they became massive hits and went viral, not only in Iran, but around the world. Soon, a community began to form around our social media. Our videos appeared everywhere, as calls to action for upcoming protests and nationwide strikes. Despite all the danger, risking their lives, people started sending us stories, footage and photos.

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This experience was both exciting and overwhelming. We had few resources and didn’t have a dedicated team for social media. Next, people started asking us to do something to stop the regime's executions. The video we created for Mohamad Karami became our most viral video. After that, people asked us to do the same for other prisoners.


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It was then we realized that what we were doing was much bigger than we could handle alone. We needed help! For the campaigns we created for Ukraine we had enough budget and a dedicated team, but in case of our work for Iran everything was based on volunteer work and it was obviously not sustainable. Because of that, we need your support so that we can build a dedicated team and make a greater impact.

Support our work

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