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From Tech
Tales to Global

We catalyze real world change

We play video

Forget what you know about video. We’ve reinvented it, bringing it to the Modern Age
to shake the world.

Watch our new
web series

Diaries of a Revolution is a web series based on real stories from anonymous protesters from Iran. To stay relevant with what's happening, we publish a new episode each week.

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What We Do

We partner with social impact organizations, tech companies,
and public figures  to spark positive change in a rapidly evolving world. 


How We do it

Across all social platforms, our content has been shared millions of times. How? Using user-generated content, existing footage, archives, and news, we tell stories about real people making real changes. Our goal is to tell meaningful stories to this new generation of viewers.

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Our Clients 



Star Fish

Gravity Sketch

Volant Media

New Horizons

Media Nest

Recent Projects
No noise, all signals.

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NXT ANIMAL is headquartered in Los Angeles. Say a hello:

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